Get our top 6 Pre-workouts with a high quality shaker bottle + FREE shipping. 

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6 Stick Sampler
6 Stick Sampler
6 Stick Sampler
6 Stick Sampler

6 Stick Sampler


Our top 6 pre-workouts.
Shaker bottle included.
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This sampler kit includes:

CUTS - Thermogenic Pre-workout

Premium, effective and powerful thermogenic pre-workout for burning fat while increasing energy, focus, and stamina.

BULK - Testosterone Pre-workout

Premium, strong and natural testosterone support pre-workout for immense power output and strength with increased energy.

NOOTROPIC - High Focus Pre-workout

Premium, euphoric, and fully disclosed high focus pre-workout for increased cognition, alertness, energy, pump and vascularity.

UNDERGROUND - High Stimulant Pre-workout

Premium, potent, and fully disclosed high stimulant pre-workout for intense and sustained energy with increased pump and vascularity.

DEFY - Hyper Stimulant Pre-workout

Premium, advanced, and clinically dosed hyper stimulant pre-workout for extreme and non-stop energy with 6 different stimulants.

RULE - Hyper Focus Pre-workout

Premium, advanced, and clinically dosed hyper focus pre-workout for immense concentration and controlled focus with 8 different nootropics.


Classic Shaker Bottle

A great shaker bottle that doesn't leak and looks pretty damn slick in the gym.



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