Our Formula: Intense Quality & Underdog Exclusivity

Why can’t I buy BlackMarket Labs products at national retailers?
You can only purchase our pre and post workout supplements from small business owners. Since we believe in supporting the underdog, you’ll never see a bottle of our product at a major retail chain. We have thrown the establishment monopolies off our backs to bring you the most advanced pre-workout supplements and post training recovery flavors. Just like our customers, we aren’t going to let the establishment push us around and dictate how our products are made. BlackMarket Labs is a company that will tear a $10-million check in half before allowing its popular pre and post weightlifting formulas to be corrupted by boardroom politics. This isn’t Wall Street’s glorified energy drink; it’s a cocktail of quality ingredients for educated athletes that want to push past their peak performance.

How potent are the supplements?
Others have tried to copy our pre-workout dynamite, but they missed the mark by ten miles and had to call mom for a ride home. We keep our post workout lightning in a bottle under wraps and save the thunder for the real weightlifters. Our pump formula is meant to shotgun your workout into a mystical oblivion of tribal Zen. We made the bottle black so that our pre and post workout supplements are never drunk by the undeserving. But for those who dare crack a bottle and drink it down; they will awaken a sleeping giant. This weight training formula will take your school bully, the cop that gave you a ticket, and the politician that ruined your water supply through the cheese grader. You’ll melt them all down to size in a watermelon pre-workout blast furnace, and serve them up cold with a post session shot of blue razz. Who knew that something this tasteful could also give you the satisfaction of knocking down obstacles and breaking establishment clones over your knee?

What’s the story?
BlackMarket Labs started as an underdog, and that’s who we embrace. The only thing that matters is why we’re here. All the other pre and post workout supplements want good money for weak product. That’s why we love our underdog customers: they don’t cater to weakness, nor will they ever bow down to somebody’s contrived dream of supplements made with fillers. So we welcome you to grab a bottle and drink in the guerilla movement. Our commitment is to the underdog, but we serve no one!