Caffeine Anhydrous

Why Caffeine?

Caffeine is in almost every pre workout. In addition to boosting energy, caffeine is known to increase muscular endurance and performance along with providing mental clarity and energy. These benefits make the ingredient ideal for almost any pre-workout formula. Everyone has days when going to the gym is a struggle. The Caffeine in AdreNOlyn BULK, AdreNOlyn CUTS and AdrenHERlyn, along with other stimulants, can be very effective motivator on difficult days where motivation or energy are lacking.*  

How Does It Work?

Certain receptors in the brain react with the neurotransmitter adenosine. As adenosine attaches to these receptors, the brain is told to decrease the activity of the central nervous system, which promotes the feeling of being tired. The structure of caffeine is very similar to adenosine, so when caffeine is in the bloodstream those receptors cannot tell the difference between the two. As caffeine starts to take up the receptors in the brain, there is less opportunity for adenosine to have an effect. This results in increased stimulation of the CNS.*


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