Limited Edition: BANANA DAIQUIRI (COMING SOON - 8/28/2017)

lim·it·ed ed·i·tion
  1. A custom flavor of BLACKMARKET Pre-Workout, limited to a specified small number of available units.
  1. In this case, an exceptionally smooth banana daiquiri flavor that tastes like a freshly-melted-banana popsicle.
  1. A pre-workout that’s so effortless to drink, you might forget—for a few moments—that you’re about to kill your workout.
  1. Available in BULK, CUTS, and TONE; but just like summer, this’ll be gone before you know it.
We are innovators. For over 4 years, BLACKMARKET has offered a custom, in-house blended flavor on the 4th Monday of every month. These are unique flavors in limited quantity runs.
• Retail stores use these exclusive flavors to keep people curious and to keep people coming back.
• What other brand offers something new every month?
• Like all BLACKMARKET Pre-Workouts, Limited Edition blends are curated, tested, and packaged by us, in our own GMP certified facility.