An Introduction to Glutamine

July 18, 2017

Glutamine is the body’s most common amino acid. It’s in your muscles. In fact, more than 61-percent of skeletal muscle is Glutamine. Because Glutamine is 19-percent nitrogen, it’s the body’s primary transporter of nitrogen  within muscle cells.

When you do intense, rigorous training, Glutamine levels decrease. Unfortunately, this has an adverse impact on your strength, recovery and stamina. Without supplementation, it can take days, some studies show up to six days, for your Glutamine levels to return to normal. Glutamine plays an essential role in protein synthesis, which means supplementation can help minimize the breakdown of muscles and improve overall protein metabolism.

What are the benefits of Glutamine supplementation?

Glutamine is considered a carbon and nitrogen donor, which means that it helps restore glycogen to your body, thus giving you energy. Glutamine is the single most important component of your body’s muscle protein, meaning it helps repair and build your muscles.

The benefits of taking Glutamine include:

  • Since Glutamine is linked to protein synthesis, it can help prevent muscles from being catabolized, or in other words being converted to energy and consumed by your body..
  • Glutamine supplementation can help replenish declining Glutamine levels during intense workouts.
  • Glutamine can help maintain cell volume and hydration, which speeds up the healing process and decreases recovery times.
  • Some studies suggest that Glutamine is helpful in keeping your  immune system healthy, which is especially important because heavy workouts can lower immunity.

What can RAW Glutamine Muscle Repair Pre-Workout do for you?

If you are trying to “cut” body fat without losing your muscle mass, Glutamine is an essential supplement. Many people don’t realize Glutamine positively impacts protein metabolism and cell hydration while also providing an anti-catabolism benefit during and after physical activity.  

How much Glutamine should I take?

Bodybuilders commonly take between 10 to 15 grams of Glutamine daily. We recommend stacking a 5 gram dose with your Pre-Workout. Additional 5 gram doses can be effective in the morning and at night before bedtime.

Does Glutamine supplementation have any side effects?

Glutamine is naturally found in your body, and studies have not shown adverse side effects from Glutamine supplementation. However, we recommend taking up to 10 to 15 grams daily as some users report upset stomachs with higher daily dosages.