Guerrilla Edition: Sex on the Beach -

Guerrilla Edition: Sex on the Beach

November 03, 2015


October’s Guerrilla Edition flavor will have you longing to crash into your better half. The first time you have Sex On The Beach, you’ll be amazed how its potent ingredients help you get the results you want with the tropical taste you deserve. Arousing your ability to kill it in the gym will put you in a mood all day to kick back and relax without feeling taxed. And an infusion of peach, orange and cranberry will have you singing it while you’re bringing it. 

Whip up a frenzy of salt and sand with this seductive drink in your hand. Try having Sex On The Beach. It’s delicious. 

Sex On The Beach will commence today, 10/26/15 at 12:00PM MST. Support the industry lifeblood by watching for Sex On The Beach in the local family-owned nutrition store nearest you.


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