BlackMarket Underdog Feature: Kevin Smith

March 09, 2016

Kevin Smith: A Triumph through Transformation

"I was an underdog. Others gave up on me, but I was able to climb out of it and prove them all wrong.”

It was busy day at the ER, with nurses and EMTs rushing around with paperwork, bandages, and other equipment. But Kevin Smith hardly noticed. For the past few hours, the 22 year old Texan had been staring at the sterile, white walls, nervously waiting for his life sentence. That morning, Kevin had rolled out of bed as he usually did, to get ready for his regular early morning shift. However, this particular morning, he felt really weird. He realized that his eye was in the complete opposite direction and started to panic. Kevin immediately called his dad, who recommended that he needed more sleep. Still nervous, Kevin went back to bed and slept until 10 am. When he awoke, he felt even worse and knew he needed medical attention.

Heart pounding, Kevin rushed to the ER. Once admitted, Kevin had test after test performed on him. Finally, everything died down as the doctors went to evaluate the results.

The Life Shattering Announcement
Three hours later, the doctor returned with the crushing diagnosis: Multiple Sclerosis. From that moment on, the debilitating disease started to take over Kevin’s life, ultimately confining him to a wheelchair. At times, the symptoms were unbearable, causing his legs to go numb and his whole body to break out in spasms. The medication prescribed to the young 22 year old was as bad, if not worse, than the symptoms themselves. Every other day, Kevin would have to give himself shots in the stomach and legs. As the medicine set in, so did the flu-like side effects. Kevin would be on the floor shivering and cringing at the constant stomach pain. This, along with his now limited physical capacity sprung him into a spiral of constant depression. He admits, “There were days I didn’t even want to live.”

Diagnosis Doesn’t Determine Destiny
Kevin’s Multiple Sclerosis had a similarly sobering effect on his family. His brother, especially, was troubled by Kevin’s transformation and trials and was determined to find a solution. Three years from the MS diagnosis, Kevin’s brother introduced him to a book about killing diseases the natural way. After studying the role of nutrition and exercise in combating disease, Kevin decided to be done with his prescribed medications for good. “It was definitely a leap of faith,” he recalls.

After swearing off his meds, Kevin started working out 2-3 times a day. Within the first month, he no longer experienced muscle spasms and within 6 months, feeling came back to his legs. The incredible results brought Kevin back to the gym day after day. He recalls, “working out became an addiction.”

Taking it To the Next Level: AdreNOlyn BULK
After a few months of working out, Kevin started to feel like he needed to find something to take his workout to the next level. He started trying different pre-workout supplements, with varied results. However, nothing really “clicked” for him. Then, one day, he walked to his local  nutrition store and saw some bottles of BlackMarket® Labs pre workout. He really liked the labeling, and when he got home, he YouTubed a BlackMarket® video. Something about the messaging really spoke to Kevin, and he decided to give it a try.

Every morning, before going to the gym, Kevin would take a scoop of AdreNOlyn BULK. He says, “Most people can just roll out of bed in the morning. Not me. With MS, it takes me about 15 minutes to just build up the energy to get out of bed.” Kevin found that AdreNOlyn BULK was the key to give him the energy he needed.

A Total Transformation: Inside and Out
From the day of his diagnosis to today, Kevin Smith has seen a lot of change. For 3 years he felt the effects of MS take a ravaging hold of both his body and emotions. However, the most incredible change has come as he has, with sheer will and effort, changed his life through fitness and nutrition. Kevin has found that not only have his physical ability and appearance improved, but also his emotions and outlook on life. He recalls, “before I started working out, I was in a shell and was giving up on life. As I’ve started exercising, I’ve opened up, become more energetic, and blossomed to my full potential.” Today, Kevin Smith shares his remarkable story as a motivational speaker. His advice to underdogs everywhere is, “don’t give up, even if you don’t see results. You will eventually make progress.”